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Our Open House is Happening on January 27th, 2024 and You're Invited!


On Saturday, January 27th 2024 at 12pm, we are hosting an Open House, or as some may say, an Open School. 

This event is an opportunity to welcome families and community members into our school to discover the wonderful things we have to offer. 

From our Quranic Studies course, to Science, History, English, Math, and more. It is a place where students can grow academically and spiritually.

We will also be revealing our Hifz program on the same day which allows students to both memorize the Quran while also taking core subjects such as science, math, history, and more..

Please stay tuned for more details during the Open House.

During the Open House, parents can explore the facility, learn more about our programs, and get to know our staff. 

We invite everyone to join us, enjoy some refreshments, while learning about the school.

We will be accepting enrollment for Kindergarten to 8th Grade. Please enroll soon, as some grades are almost full. 




Overview of the Islamic school and its mission. Why Zaytech Academy?

As a parent myself, the education of our children is of utmost importance. But, what do you do when there aren't enough options that align with our religious beliefs? 

Enter Zaytech Academy - an Islamic school that offers a unique blend of traditional Islamic teachings with modern and traditional secular education. 

This is because secular education is not enough, especially the environment. It may not align with our values, therefore, an Islamic school offers hope. It combines the best of public schools with a focus on the Creator, Allah (SWT) and Islam. 

It provides students the opportunity to learn about their faith in a welcoming environment, while excelling academically. It is a beautiful thing, and Zaytech Academy aims to make this possible.

It combines the best of what public schools have to offer anchored by the Islamic Tradition.


Not only does it provide quality education, but it also encourages respect for different faiths and takes a holistic approach to learning. From offering Islamic Studies to Science, math and all the common subjects taught at a Public School, Zaytech Academy becomes a one-stop-solution for parents facing these unique challenges.


Benefits of attending an Islamic school for Muslim children versus a Public School

For Muslim parents, the education of their children is at the foremost and is an important decision. Should they enroll their children in a Public school or a Private School? 

Public schools serve as institutions that provide education and opportunities to learn and grow. While they offer numerous benefits to students, there is one aspect where parents may feel short-changed.

Their Purpose. Who created them? Why?

This can leave curious young minds wondering about life's biggest questions: why are we learning, what is our purpose, where are we headed, and who created us?

Although this may be disappointing for some parents whom wants their kids to have these answers, it is understandable that public schools must remain neutral to respect the religious diversity within their student population. 

Public schools can provide a chance for students from different backgrounds to discover GOD in their own way.

However, the environment can pose challenges in staying on the right path and to discover their Creator in a meaningful way.

Therefore, understanding Allah (SWT) requires teachers to constantly remind students which helps foster a love and awe for Allah (SWT) 

Again, it is important to note, that the environment is a powerful force that makes sticking on the right path incredibly challenging. Furthermore, it is very difficult for students to come to understand GOD's Revelation with their own intellect, it requires teachers and an environment that teaches and nurtures the love of GOD and His Message.

For example, at Zaytech Academy, students will have a place to pray, a physical place to learn their faith. 

As a result, It is important to consider the limitations that may be placed on religious education in the public classroom.

Schools may face restrictions on how much they can teach about religion or incorporate religious practices into the curriculum. 

Therefore, attending a Private Islamic school offers many benefits for Muslim families.


Firstly, children are able to learn about and practice their faith in a supportive environment where Islamic values are emphasized. Secondly, the curriculum is tailored to incorporate Islamic teachings and traditions, allowing students to see the relevance of their faith in their academic studies.

Additionally, attending an Islamic school can create a sense of community and belonging for Muslim students, making them feel more connected to their cultural heritage. Overall, an Islamic school provides a unique opportunity for Muslim children to receive a well-rounded education while also deepening their understanding and appreciation of their faith.





As Muslim parents, making the decision to enroll their children in a Public school or a Private School can weigh heavily on their minds. Both options offer unique experiences and benefits, but one thing that often falls short in public schools is the discussion of GOD and religion.

For parents, it is important that their children have a well-rounded education that includes spiritual growth and contemplation. Unfortunately, public schools have to remain neutral so as not to offend the religious diversity within the student population. 

A Private Islamic school on the other hand, allows children to receive an education that aligns with their religious beliefs and values. They can explore their faith in a nurturing environment with teachers who prioritize the love of Allah (SWT). And most importantly, they can find the answers to their questions about religion and discover their place in the world, in an environment that helps to accommodate their spiritual growth. 


What is the Cost?

Some parents may view the education of their kids as an expense rather than as an investment, and may not think of the long term benefits.

It should be viewed as planting a seed. It takes time. 

There are numerous benefits in investing in your child's education. Many books have been written on this topic.

However, to just give a few benefits, investing in your kids education, lays the groundwork for their future.

It helps establish a strong foundation for generations to come.

A well-rounded and morally upright child can bring immense relief to a family and it can help provide support to their parents as they age.

This is because a well-rounded education helps create a worldview that fosters community-building and strong family bonds.

So don't just see education as an expense, see it as an investment in your child's future, the family, the community and in yourself. 


The monthly tuition fee is  $899. Plus, we have  discounts for siblings and parents who choose to pay the yearly tuition in advance. By paying the yearly tuition in advance, you are helping the school pay back the Qarde Hasana (Goodly Loan) while also allowing us to quickly start the process of building out the play structure for the kids. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to attend the Open House and Learn More. 

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